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The Memphis folks have retired from active service so that we can spend more time with our rabbits.

Please follow the link below to RabbitWise, Inc.

RabbitWise, Inc | RabbitWise Memphis

Basics of Rabbit Care; Local Vets; Petsitters; Where to adopt; Orphaned baby rabbits and other wildlife

Basics of Rabbit Care

Our favorite introduction to rabbit care is in the "Interactive Bun" pages at Make Mine Chocolate.

Local Vets

Our vet is Dr. Ralph Pope
All Creatures Animal Hospital, Collierville

Dr. Kelly Green
Raleigh Bartlett Animal Hospital

Dr. Shannon McGhee
Collierville Animal Hospital

Dr. Steve Snow
Berclair Animal Hospital

Dr. Chris Faircloth
Eastwood Animal Hospital


These people are local to the greater Memphis area, although they may still be using out-of-area phone numbers. Email them if the phone number is wrong (people don't always tell us when they change their phone numbers.)

Jackie Adams

Elizabeth Hansen

Jade Primicias

Where to adopt

Southern Bunny Sanctuary, Nashville, TN
Angel Maggie's Memorial Sanctuary, Hendersonville, TN
Clover Patch Sanctuary, Franklin, TN
Bunny Rescue, Columbia, TN
Arkansas Pet Rabbit Network, Little Rock, AR

Other possibilities:
Check with veterinarians. Vets are often asked to help find homes for animals, even when it's not a species they treat.
Call all the local animal shelters. Rabbits are often surrendered.

Orphaned baby rabbits and other wildlife

If you found a baby rabbit, a nest of baby rabbits, or other wildlife that seems to be in need, check WildRescue's website. It has good information, and also includes this link to the National Wildlife Rehabilitators Association, which can help you find someone qualified to deal with the problem.

RabbitWise, Inc | RabbitWise Memphis